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Who we are:

The highland Yacht Club’s Mission is to promote general interest and participate in the sport of sailing. HYC achieves this objective by sponsoring regattas, offering educational opportunities and fostering fellowship among its members and the sailing community. Over the years our site has been the setting for the setting for many special moments in the lives of our members. From Weddings and memorial services both onshore and on the water, to birthday bashes and graduation festivities, we have celebrated and continue to celebrate our friendships with one another.


Note: All are nominations for election at spring banquet 

  • Commodore:  John Garibotte
  • Vice Commodore:   Ben “IV” Hill
  • Treasurer:   Don Jones
  • Secretary:   Martha Ann Pilcher
  • Port Captain:  Scott Henninger
  • Harbormaster:   Frank Steinl
  • Scholarship Committee:   Cynthia Wennemark (Chair), Max Hailey, Frank Steinle
  • Junior Sailing Captain:   Frank Steinle
  • Webmaster:   Paul Sherrouse
  • Facebook Page Manager:   Shannon LeMay

“Understudies” will shadow and learn the duties associated with each position.

Join Us:

Whether you are an experienced sailor looking for a place to sail or a landlubber who would like to learn more about sailing, please contact us and check out our upcoming events information for upcoming regatta information or new member interest opportunities.

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